Professional Matchmaking

We are a one-stop-shop for small and medium pharmaceutical companies, offering consulting for any topic that may arise. We can arrange

  • Contacts to manufacturers
  • Drug development/ improvement of the drug formulation
  • Contacts to companies for non-clinical and clinical research

We also help you to complete your medicinal product dossiers,

  • Writing non-clinical and clinical overviews
  • Compiling your data to compose the dossier pages for chemistry, manufacturing and control
  • Providing information on the latest requirements for marketing authorisation applications and variations

If you are looking for a finished product rather than writing a proposal, we can also provide

  • Medicinal product dossiers ready for submission
  • Consulting on medicinal products (due diligence)

If you would like to sell, we can provide contacts to

  • Clients for your marketing authorisations

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